Monday, February 07, 2005

A Fun Ride

This is the first time I have great ride in a classical Mini Austin. It is really cool and so is the owner, Yee Shien…nghehe, thanks for the drive and sorry to make your piece of plastic from the seat to fall…oops, a thousand sorries…but tau-tau ler, I’m so clumsy wah…Luckily, I managed to place it back to the original position before she drove me home, I mean before she actually accused me. Phew~

We went to eat at the 3rd mile market, yea, “gu bak mee” (beef noodles) again. Apart from that, we ordered satay and char kueh. Bleh, we wasted food, I mean the peanut sauce for the satay, it’s sinful…but it was my fault ler, for asking one more plate of it.
Oya, surprisingly, we met Jerome who went there with his parents, I suppose.
After the meal, we procceeded to Sunny Hill for ice-cream…YEA, my favourite! But before that, Ben was telling ghost stories and I was spooked when Poh Ping held my hand suddenly. Our screams gave Yee Shien a shock. Oops, I did it again, shouldn’t scare new drivers. Ben left when we arrived at Sunny Hill. Ceh, he was suppose to treat us.
Anyway, it was the first time I meet him, a friendly chap he was and he has a blog too!

After that, we paid Ms Busy Florence at her workplace. I guess her collegues must have listed us in their these-guys-are-here-to-look-for-Florence-not-to-buy-clothes list. She owes us one ringgit for the parking fee and our souvenirs …take that down.

Visit YS's Diary for the pics.

p.s. I wouldn’t say that a ride in Yee Shien’s car is adventurous (we can always point at the ‘P’ sticker when other drivers honk, thanks to leh bit for telling), it was um…romantic… can’t think of a better word :-p


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