Tuesday, February 08, 2005

kuching raiders

3 youngsters were running like there was a robbery at 10.25pm. Those guys were actually on mission to reach Star Cineplax by 10.30pm. Somehow, they were late. So they had a video conference on the screen with their ‘associates’ , Tony Leong, Richie Ren, Shu Qi and some other hot Koreans. The meeting was funny, full of humour. After 2 hours, it ended. The Kuching Riaders aimed for a spot to sit down and quench thirst. No luck today, New Year is near, not much choices they had. After a few turnings, they decided to settle down at the Sunday market area where some foodstalls were still on. Drank the official teh tarik then sent one of the riders off. The other 2 sneeked into the first rider's house like thieves. “The Avenger” wasn’t there so they left. The TTTTT (till they tell the truth) cookies were not bad, it was formulated by agent Ben. Agent Leh Bit was going cool with her steady driving while the secretary, Shan is here to do the report.


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