Tuesday, February 08, 2005

For Gary

I’m either mentally or optically blur. Below is the messaging between Gary and I :

Gary: I’m so bored…I’m cleaning my room but it’s really boring…so sad, no presents le..
Me: huh? Wad? Eh , don’t joke on matters like his la. You mean ur parents go out or wad?
Gary: I mean no PRESENTS la, sien u arr…
Me: oops…

So, this is not the first time, you can spot such in my chatter box too.

Actually it was Gary’s birthday yesterday…sorry dude, this is a late post. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Well, I already sms u last night, so don hv to calculate with me liaw. And um, I think I need ur toy specs urgently, my eyesight is getting worse each day. 1st of March is soon to come so be prepared :-)


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