Wednesday, February 23, 2005

sick, sick, sick

At the break of dawn, I was awake, feeling to uncomfortable to sleep again. I felt my intestine winching vigorously…sharks, bad sign. I hurried to the toilet, grr, unavailable. I went back to my bedroom, tried to sleep and forget the uneasiness but couldn’t. all of a sudden, I felt like throwing up… (censored as the description might cause irritation to some of you). Spontaneously, I grabbed the dustbin next to me and vomited as much as I could. It smelled like salted vegetable (the food I pickled with my gastric juice) that it polluted my whole room. However, I felt a lot relieved after that, so I continued to sleep.
It wasn’t long that I found myself in the bathroom, puking. Everything I took the previous day came out with my saliva. Yucks! Damn, had to get to work in an hour’s time with the sky pouring outside. I must have gone insane that I didn’t bother to switch on the water heater. Results? I ended up shivering like a set of skeletons in the bathroom.
Back to consciousness, I washed my dustbin after wrapping myself in a few layers of clothing.
I went to the kitchen to look for food. Nothing seems to be suitable for me at the moment, unhealthy. So I told my mum that I was sick. She gave me some medicine to ease myself first while waiting for my dad to bring me to the doctor. Before I even stepped out of the door, I threw up again. This time, it was the medicine and glucose I took a few minutes earlier.
My dad asked me to request for a sick leave. So I spent my lifetime-terrible hours at the office shivering under the fan which was switched on at speed1. My boss came.
“You look awful!”
“Yea, sick.”
“Take a leave then.”
“Sure, thanks.”
… … 30minutes……
(the 30 minutes above was filled with my boss buzzing about and me feelin so damn sick that I wish he could stop torture me mentally as I need to pay attention to his insect language as a respect and wished that I could just spray Ridsect or whatever to turn him off cause I felt so embarrass to excuse myself to the toilet to vomit AGAIN while I was holding back all the way!)
The second he left, I flew to the toilet and vomited my lungs out. It sucks. A hell lot. Every drip of water I drank was washed into the toilet bowl. I guess I would be dehydrated in a blink of eye.
In the afternoon, my dad brought me to a phycisian. Luckily the blackish herbal medicine the doctor gave me wasn’t as bitter and terrible as I could remember. In fact, it tasted a lot nicer. I was subscribed with 2 bottles of those and so was my brother… and sister… and worse, my mum. 2/3 of my family was ill. According to the doctor, it wasn't food poisoning. It was a sort of intestine viral sickness which can be infected with easily.
It’s so sickening to be sick…


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