Tuesday, January 04, 2005

A Friend In Trouble

“Hey all. I din make it to kl.. My plane exploded while in d air.. See me in cnn in a few mins =D btw thanks to all those tat see me off. I appreciate tat. =)”9.17pm, 1/1/05.
The text above seems familiar to you? Yes, you could be one of the receivers of this sms sent by our everdearest friend, Mr. Adrian. However, I din’t make an effort to watch him (or shatters of his flesh) through CNN since he was able to send us messages despite the fact that he was in a catastrophe. So, I assume that he’s doing fine (we know well that he has flying powers).
I din’t hear any news through the newspapers either (don’t think the media will attach importance to small matters like this)
It’s not that I’m mean or what but I guess his handphone must have exploded as well after the meesage was sent. Therefore, I don’t see a point to call him or sms him to know how he is now as we won’t be able to get him anyhow.
Anyway, you can see that it was just a prank sms he made to catch our attention (like what he blogged). So, luckily I din't spend much energy to sms him ler... By the way, he blamed me for bringing him "soiness" (bad luck) as he get the 2 worst driving experinces when I was in his car...wanting to prove that his hypothesis is right, he wants me to be the "bahan" for his experiment. If something bad like knocking the curb, engine dying in the middle of nowhere or entering a lane which has a "NO-ENTRY" sign next to it, he'll conclude that his assumption all this while is right. Well, who would be dumb enough to be his guinea pig? I swear it won't me....


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