Saturday, January 22, 2005

SHE at home

After locking the doors, I walked down stairs, couldn’t wait to get home as soon as possible. All of a sudden, friction’s existence was gone from this world, resulting me to slip. Owh! My tibia hit one of the steps and worst of all, I was made farce in front of two guys who were sitting at the café downstairs. Darn, how dare they giggle! How I wish I’d stared at them with my fiercest look geturing “Look what look? Finding trouble is it?”. Sighz~ I really don’t admire myself for not doing so. Frankly, with my image now, it’s easy as a piece of cake that I’d freaked their souls off their shells coz I’ve got my hair highlighted…muahaha…*recall*
I went to a salon at Saberkas yesterday to do my hair. It was full and I was told by the taukenio that I have to wait for quite a while (2 hrs to be exact…um, no, more than that) so she suggested that I go shopping first. So, shoppe,shoppe, shoppe. It’s a nuisance that I brought my brother along who kept nagging and urging me and my sis to be fast. I really ought to get rid of that brad that moment! I came out with all the ideas like paying him to play computer at one cyber café or read comics in one of the comic rental stores…but failed. Grr…my bro’s a coward. He said that those people in the cc were unfriendly, yea most probably they are bigger. Rather annoyed, I still have to bring him along. From then, I hated shopping, it’s killing my legs, even that I was wearing sport shoes. I could’ve limped them if I had worn a pair of hi-heels, lucky me!
I was relieved to know that it was our turn for haircut. I asked the hairdresser to hi-light my hair. It was a torture, I had to wear this tight rubber cap which made me looked dumb. I even had to watch tv throught the reflection of the mirror since it was too big that it’d blocked my sight. After that, she cut my hair that I look like one of those Ah Beng-girls…u know, short and yellowish…that’s what my image is like now. :-p
I proceeded (walked) home with my painful legs, what to do? Cry arr? Should be happy that my reseptors are doing what they should. Back at home, I was disappointed to learn that my sis didn’t get me the tickets to go to see SHE(not becoz of the keburukan listing from a-z like what Jul said). I remember how my sis once scolded me for buying their pirated cd. Not that she was suggesting me to buy their original ones, but she thought that was a waste of RM8! (sorry to all SHE fans *bow*) Strangely, it’s a weekend I spend with my family. We went to eat beef noodle at 3rd Mile market. Now, I’m listening to SHE’s songs (the pirated cd I bought) to comfort myself for not seeing them…


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