Thursday, January 06, 2005

the old man who sells beancurd

It’s my routine to walk to work.The weather was fine this morning. I was rather rush today because I woke up late. On my way through one block of the KMC flats, I saw an old man who sells beancurd (tauhu hua). From some metres away, I signalled him that I wanted one packet. He skillfully used a special spoon-like tool to fetch the beancurd into a plastic bag. Then, he added in some syrup. I paid him 50 cents, thanked him, smiled and left. Before that I turned back and asked, “Lu wu straw bo (you’ve got straw?)” “huh?”he questioned as in he didn’t know what straw is. My lagging brain later told me that straw is “zhui cao” in hokkien, so I asked in ‘proper’ hokkien. He smiled and said “no”. Looking at the time, I hurried off. Smiling and saying that it was ok.
The beancurd he sells is especially nice, and the texture is fine. I enjoyed it at my office by pouring it into a glass and started eating. Honestly, I cannot find another person who sells beancurd for 50 cents per packet these days. There are a few old men in this area who ride in their tricycles to sell “char kueh” and other food. I know a few of them because my belated grandfather used to bring me to them for nice food which are inexpensive. There used to be an old man who cycled in my neighbourhood, selling ice-cream. I have not seen him for a long time now as he was replaced by the motorcyclist who came with the “PaddlePop” music. However, I’m more used to the ringing of his bell because it was when I often woke my grandpa up from his afternoon nap for him to buy me ice-cream. How I missed those good old childhood days…I could get 2 scoops of ice-cream for just 20cents…
Anyway, I’m looking forward to see the old man who sells beancurd again.


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