Saturday, January 29, 2005

28 Jan 05 ****

My day started off with ants crwling in my head, felt kinda dizzy. I went off work an hour earlier to send some friends off at airport. Jou Hui picked me up then Kelly. The journey to airport was air-condless so that fuel can be saved or we might end up pushing the car to a petrol station. Roads were congested, we were quite late when we arrived. I only managed to talk to Bui Kwong, Xin Jou, Wan Lin and Eugene, but left Lincoln and Jordan out , how bad L . Hope that everything’ll go smooth in Adelaide.
Farewell was short. We headed to Kelly’s home to meet up with Siew Ching, Sze Ying and Jocelyn. This is the first time I go to her house. It’s true, there is a block of apartment at Jalan Sim Kheng Hong (we never knew that). The quidnuncs then argued about the who should be with who while watching tv, noise pollution…haha!We were later pampered by Kelly’s mum who prepared mug-up for us. We also met Ding-Dong. For a dog who has an owner who changes hair colour once a while (another chameleon…), RM 100 was no big deal to trim a dog’s hair for dogs need wrap up for New Year too…man, even me, myself never get such expensive haircut my whole life so far and yet a dog was able to experience it!
Soon, the 6 of us squeezed ourselves into Jou Hui’s Kancil, aggravating her car all the way to Saberkas. Besides of looking for Florence, we did the thing that started with “s”…hehez…*smile mischieviously* (don’t think the other way ler, what can six girls do together at a shopping complex?)
Our next destination---Happy Valley. That’s the way we helped Siew Ching to regulate her hormone which made her ‘unusual’(not what you imagined). It’s normal for a person who’s turning 18 to have friends who seem like forgetting her birthday to feel upset bah…So, the surprise? A birthday salad. Note that Siew Ching doesn’t like mayonnaise and has a strong resentment against saliva so she didn’t enjoy food sharing as much as we did. Oya, Jocelyn ate the red date after our “reinforcement”…yea!
That’s all…I’m worn out now.


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