Friday, January 07, 2005

Pink Freak

The layout of my blog is pink. A few friends see me a lot in pink. I used to use a pink pencil case with a pink stapler which matches well with my partially pink shoulder beg. favourite colour is pink? Don't know. I think my liking of a colour changes seasonally. I liked blue a lot, then violet and purple, after that comes green, yellow, silver, red....can I say I like any colours which I feel comfortable with?

Well, it's like a trend, comes fast and goes fast. Pink is just one colour which stays longer. Pink is some what a positve colour. Like we say "in the pink of health", "pink panther"(symbolises humour lar) represents, tenderness, love....although I'm not the type who's so used to read love stories and so on....and I'm not the soft soft type so I can see the mismatch for a girl like me with my pink layout over here.

I asked a few friends for their opinion about my pink, pink blog page (they are all guys). They all seem to have no problem seeing me using the VERY pink layout. Here, I quote some sentences of what they said. "Pink is suitable for girls mar..." "I thought you like pink alot?" " Girls are still girls. Pink is like for girls, blue for guys"====>what logic is this?

Suppose colours are like "unisex"? There are a whole load of girls out there who likes Blue like they love their lifes. BUT, undeniably... I don't know any guys who really like pink ler...Um, I mean, macho guys who like pink, where are you? ( macho as in not gay but just normal?) Yea, if you're one, please answer me.

Anyway, it is not a smart way to identify a person's gender by judging the colour he or she likes. Not everyone who wears pants are guys, but those who wear skirts are mostly girls (of course there are exceptions at times). So the same goes to the pink and blue theory...Not every girl who likes blue are tomboys, but those guys who like pink might be sissy (of course there are macho, normal guys who like pink too, just that their population is tiny-miny?).

Another thing, I learn that most parents like to dress up their little girls in pink, boy boy in blue. Why follow? I may,MAY stuff my daughter with blue things, son with pink (that is only IF i have children IN THE FUTURE, long way to go, of course!) And what about yellow and green? They look nice too. Simple, get everything like RAINBOW, fair and square. No fuss about identity-colours.

Sum up... I hope that you're comfortable reading my pinkish blog here since i haven't found a rainbow layout yet.


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