Sunday, January 09, 2005

7 December 2005 **** (repost)

I had a wonderful night. We had a simple eat-out with Alphonsus at Fook Xing Seafood who's heading for Perth next week.
Well, I shall start from the two dogs I saw there. They were so skinny, staring at us eating with the please-give-me-something-to-eat sort of expression. As a kind-hearted person, I threw quite a few bones for them. They were near us and Hee Seng didn't like the smell of them so i threw the bones further so that they would go away. However, they still came back for more...
Ok, enough bout the dogs. When I first arrived, I actually kept quiet for 10 minutes. They were so not used to see me being so quite and started to disturb me. I mean, hey, but I am a "quiet" person bah! So, everyone got noisy.
Until it was 9 something,we continued the fun to sing at the karaoke above Pizza Hut which has a name that sounds like "Mai Chi"(I don't know the actual name but it's not the foul word anyway :-p) We sang in a closure. At first, we warmed up,it's always like that. We had Coke and nothing else ler so we didin't get drunk and the courage to sing yet. After a few guys sang, we all started to join the fun. We had quite a few Chinese songs, some from the 90s and a few English songs like "Born to make you happy", "The call", "Show me the meaning of being lonely"(we sang that twice) and "Unchained melody". Brandon even rapped in a girly voice which sounded so cool. Most of the songs were remixed by us and they translated Mandarin songs into Hokkien! I sang one of the Chinese oldies namely "Cha Saiw Pau" haha...the lyrics and tune are funny, I LOVE that sonG!~ but the others were not as enthusiasted as I was because they were glad that the song was short whereas I hoped it had been longer. I wasn't the one who chose that song though and they were surprised that song was played since no one picked it, so I "forced" myself to sing it for entertaining.
I've always enjoyed singing but we still have to dismiss since it was soon midnight. We hugged Alphonsus and wished him all the best.


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