Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Eyes On Me

Earthworm---True worms, Phylum Annelida. This is the creature which crawls on my bathroom wall this evening. Slimy it was, wriggling in the seam between the tiles. I can imagine its body fluid which pushes the coil mussles forward and backward antagonisticly like what I learned in Biology. Forgive me,but I had been paying attention to this 10cm long fellow for about 20 minutes. Oh Man~ how am I suppose to bathe with this maroon thingy in the bathroom, it’s somehow an “Alien” as it should be in the soil, the earth, just like its name “earthworm”, NOT “bathroomworm”. I don’t feel any comfortable to do what I was suppose to do although it’s got no eyes to peep on me. BUT it’s still a living thing!

Well, well, it’s not that I’m scared of it, really, I have no idea how it’d actually trespassed my bathroom. Bleh~ Anyway, it isn’t the first creature to do so. I bathed with lizards, cockroaches, mosquitoes, beetles, moths and many other insects before. That was when I was forced to bathe in the nowhere of some jungles during camps. Those were creepy experiences…I’m especially spooked by lizards which have big, crocodile-like eyes (ya, they’re a family anyhow) watching me bathing…hey, where’s my privacy?
Fine, fine…I shouldn’t grudge bout that. I should be glad that they are not some maniacs or “colourwolves”(@_@)#


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