Monday, January 17, 2005

I just wana sleep...just wana sleep just wana sleep

I went to the 6 hour practical for driving this morning. Everything went out in a mess, I forgot ot photocopy my IC, didn’t prepare a passport size photo and so on. I thought I had one in my drawer but…I was so, so wrong! I ended up cutting one of my laminated camp name tag which I kept for 4 years. I detached the photo and will use it for my ‘L’ license later on. Then, I hurried to bath. While bathing gaily, I heard my mum calling, “ Are you done? The driving intructor’s waiting outside!” oh gosh, I thought he said he would come at nine something but it was only eight something. Gotta rush again. Having 3 persons waiting out there for me isn’t such a nice thing but BLEH, I’m so used to it.
I arrived at 9. There were merely people, so I waited and waited. The best thing to do was watching the people around me. Here are some most done actions:
Playing handphone
Looking around
I heard nothing but silence…until the lecturer came in followed by the latecomers who actually filled up almost all the empty seats. Lesson wasn’t as boring as I expected. Later came Dennis. I was so happy to see him, waved to him and signalled him to sit beside me. Never thought he would come, it’s his birthday some more. He told me that he’s turning 17 this very day and couldn’t wait to get a license. I don’t like the place but the speaker was too great that I had to salute him. He’s a Malay who speaks 5 or 6 languages including, Malay, English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Hakka and a little bit of Cantonese. Wow~ I was amazed when he said some Chinese idioms. He’s funny too.
However, I was too tired, hadn’t had enough sleep lately. Pimples on my face and dark circles around my eyes tell. I had a long nap once I got home…I hadn’t had a nice afternoon nap for a lightyear, it was a great pleasure.


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