Thursday, January 27, 2005

Satelite Station Under Repair

Those who can recognise my voice will win a prize. 3 out of 5 people I called today are not sure it was me when I first called them. Hey you guys, we’ve been in the same class for the past two years arr… “an zhua zho?” For those who said out my name with confidence, you’ll get a gift, that is…… tada! my concern. It’s invaluable, so you should be proud to receive it. And another thing, don’t blame me if you didn’t receive my call, I tried to call anyone I can remember but some of you didn’t pick up the phone.

Anyway, it’s comprehensible why some of us has actually become recluse within these few months, no news was heard from each other. I tried so hard to get everyone to excavate information from them. Most are working, some are studying, and a few are doing nothing. Even the most meddlesome community in class isn’t as active as before (ahem~I’m not one of them). Satelites aren’t working well, less information received. The president of the “Busybody Society” should be the one we’re pointing our index fingers at (you know who you are, hehez).

Being one of the committee members (a low rank is all I have) in the “Busybody Society”, I somehow manage to contact a few people. Clement is one. I called him this afternoon and he knew it was me (spoil the fun nia). Think he’s doing great ler, still continuing his hobby—spying on girls (just that he improves a lot technically). Oops, I just accidentally said that out but don’t think it’s a secret lar. He even told me that he do read my blog…so, he’s going to know all these. To Clement: You won’t mind lar hor? And, thanks for the compliment hehez. ;-) I’ll cook chicken soup for you, the one using “perencah perisa ayam” as the main ingredient, how bout that?

Besides that, I learn that Poh Ping is now the housemaker of her family, her duty is to cook 3 meals a day for the entire family as her mother went for a course at outstation. Ceceilia now bakes cookies and will be quite busy. May went to Auckland last Sunday and it’s now that I realize…I thought it’s this Sunday.

K, that’s enough of my news reporting.I really hope to get news from everyone, not that I’m meddlesome, just that I’m caring …what are friends for?


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