Wednesday, January 26, 2005

just another day

Bringing tonnes of loads while walking is quite bad an idea but I somehow did that this morning. I carried a bag full of toiletries and another one full of stationery, a bag and an unfoldable umbrella which can be used as a ‘tongkat’. My knee-length skirt which restricted my movement made the journey tougher. I really looked like one of those “si lai” (housewives, esp those aged) who’d just come back from a supermarket. And I finally understand why I never heard anyone telling me that her/his ambition is to be a housewife/househusband.
For those “hamsap lou”(miang ah peks) who honked and whistled when they passed by, it was their lucky day. They have a chance……to choose :
1) a taste of my ultra-solid umbrella
2) flying toilet rolls straight into their mouths, or
3) a spray of glass cleaner into their eyes so that they can never stare at young ladies who are about the age of their granddaughters.

Also, I tried the glass cleaner on the toilet bowl today…the effect was just same from that of the all-purpose cleaner, it gave shines too. Well, they’re all detergents anyway.


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