Monday, January 24, 2005


This is a blog written by an extraordinary lizard (duno what species it is):
Have you heard of the story ‘The ugly duckling”? In the new version, I play the role of “The ugly iguana”.
I hatched in the nest of an iguana’s family. It’s strange that I have hair coz that’s not what reptiles are supposed to have, reptiles should have scales. No one ever liked me becoz a small and hairy iguana is far too ugly. I’ve always envied my cousin, a chameleon who can climb the trees nimbly and looks outrageously hip,he can change colours. The inferiority which hides well within me tells me that never can I look that great.
Sometime later, I heard my cousin telling me this really cool thing human do --- hair dying. Wow! It’s amazing. My cousin who tried it can change into more colours than before. Sometimes he’s red, sometimes purple and even gold!
As a risk taker, I gave a try. I tried some colourant and magic happened! My hair changes from black to burgundy, then a golden hue and now, a tint of purple + red + pink.
I wasn’t any iguana, I’m a chameleon… a special one (coz I have hair)!
However, everything comes with a price. I have to pay eighty bugs to my cousin for the sack of looking ‘cool’. The pro is, I feel refresh with my new image; the con, not everyone likes it, some even nickname too colourful chameleons “ah lian”. Anyway, like I say I’m abnormal, I dye my hair, not my skin, like what other chameleons do. Guess I’ll
have to hunt for more insects to get a new skin colour.


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