Monday, January 10, 2005

Viva Forever

“Viva Forever”was a very popular song some 6 years back. It is a remarkable reunion song for the friendship we built since we were in primary school. This, is the memory we saved together on 8th January 2005 after we’ve gone apart for some time.
This very night, Mina held a BBQ (cum farewell as she’s going to Perth for further studies) at her home. We described the contradiction of the size of her house and herself as, ‘A big house with a small-sized owner’. We couldn’t agree more that her house was fabulous and we all had a wonderful time there.
At the beginning, air was thin and I was rather quiet. I didn’t know some of her friends too well except Kok Wu who drove me there and a few of her classmates. So, I offered Mina some help.
Situation changed when our primary school gang arrived one by one. I shouted their names enthusiastedly once I saw them. Their were Clara, Jasmine, Yew Inn who drove Jerome, Samuel and Cletus here (um, Cletus wasn’t our ex-classmate though), Thien Wei and Kathrine (they came in this sequence).
So, I was the earliest around in the group. After some eating, we played cards and the guys did some lame ‘magic tricks’. They bullied me a lot, so I took my revenge by having a pillow fight with the guys. Haha, fear me for I have great pinching powers too! Besides that, they formed a G.A.Y. society which had a rapid increase of membership within the few hours.
After some bustling, we……sang!~ yes, AGAIN!!! Hahaha! I’ve been singing for the last two nights :-p How could I miss the fun to to torture people’s tympana? Believe it or not, I can sing louder than Clara and Tony who were using microphones when I used nothing but my vocal cord! Ngehehe… the worst? I sang terrribly :-p I ran out of tune, got the wrong pitch and stuff but those didn’t stop me from continuing since we were so close that there was nothing such as “awkwardness” in the room. It’s a waste that we don’t give a try in the Malaysian Idol. You should see our expressions when we sang. (I see if I can post some of the pictures we took up here some day.) Viva Forever was one of the songs we sang.
Yew Inn then excused himself to go home and get his clothes as he and a few guys are staying over. He then came back with his bag which consisted of“clothes” with the brand “Sony PS II”. I played Need for Speed with him but lost, dur!~
While the guys were still playing games, the girls had a girls’talk outside the house. Jerome who called himself our ‘sister’ joined us and we taught him how to hold a handbag like a girl. At the same time I LOST my handphone. I asked Kath to call my phone but she said her phone was out of credit while Jasmine was pressing her phone for nothing like they were reluctant to help. Something fishy was going on…Luckily Mina, being the most kind-hearted called. I heard the ringing coming from--- a flowerpot. Yea, those girls hid it under the leaves. Too bad I spoilt their fun, I was just too smart :-p
I hated it but the gang was staying over for the night (without me!). I had to go home plainly because I had to sit for the law test the next day.
Feeling wacky, someone suggested to go to C 11 to buy some instant noodles in the nowhere of midnight. Kok Wu sent them there and they preferred that they walked back.I MISSED THE EXCITEMENT!!!


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