Friday, January 14, 2005


It’s 1a.m. now. I’m feeling so blue. In early evening, I was so hyper, hyper as I can get to see my primary school friends again. I talked so much, laughed so much and didn’t feel that the farewell later on would hit an impact on me. Yesterday,to be precise, Mina and Alphonsus left. They were in the same flight to Australia. This is so far the first time I send my friends off from airport. I saw another group sending their friends off too, I guessed they were ex-Lodgians. Well, I don’t know how I feel actually. I’m not the one who’s leaving, so emotions shouldn’t be that strong. The minute before, we were still laughing at each others’ lame jokes, and the latter, we had red eyes. Anyway, I’m not the type to cry out but I’m still so down. I should have been more cheerful but don’t think that’d help.

Many friends went their ways, some without farewell but doesn’t mean that I do not treasure the friendship we share. I believe that we will meet again even if it’s ten years later as I believe in fate which brought us together. We didn’t want to leave the airport after seeing Mina leaving. It’s like we all fear to taste the loneliness which awaits us once we reach home and we’re on our own. The few left, Yew Inn, Clara, Jerome, Samuel and I went to eat burger. We even asked the owner to take a picture of us eating. We recalled our past years memories…that is long…it has been 11 years already and the bond is still there.

On the 30th,we made a deal that we’re going to send Samuel off. He’s the one who went to Australia the earliest but also the one who’s most familiar with Kuching among us. He changed a lot, not that mischievous anymore…and even “consulted” me of my future. Well, I haven’t have a vivid way but we made a deal just now when we were eating burgers that we are going to work hard and go to Australia TOGETHER one day. Hopefully, we can bring out what we said.

Farewell shouldn’t be something sad,it’s a new beginning for everyone, to grow. We learn to let go, to adapt and to remember, we’re lucky that we still have someone to turn to. I think those who are going solo have to endure more than us. Let’s just wish them all the best. And, don’t forget that there are many great friends around us here.


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