Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Time Flies(edited)

It’s the forth of January 2005 now and I have a late recapitulation of year 2004 (which should be done at the end of the year but I had a hard time recalling my memories as my brain lags)
Year 2004 started off with viewing fireworks at the Pending bridge which links to Petrajaya with a few friens of mine. School reopened soon and the students of 5S1 were like ants on a hot pot when they realised that they had no proper classroom and had to use the Physics laboratory the whole year throughout as there was a shortage of classroom. So, it was the first time we experienced nomad’s life. We had to carry loads of books and shift into the classes which had their Physics period. It is somehow troublesome as we didn’t enjoy “normal school life” like what other students in the school does but it is also a fun in some ways because we scribbled in the others’ books, ate their candies and wrote a big “thank you” on the blackboard, and hid their belongings. We were the first class to begin this and I learnt that some other class has to follow it this year, haha, congratulations to those who have to do that.
In February, Chinese New Year was celebrated like usual just that there was one thing which annoyed Poh Ping and me a lot---our gang boycotted us when they went visiting without us!!! You guys, better watch out this year~ On Valentine’s night, about 30 of us went celebrate it out at Hornbill’s corner. It’s quite ironic because majority of us were singles (90%). However, the guys were sweet enough to give the ladies a rose each. The climax of the event---two tables out of three burnt consecutively. I remembered how some guys had hair and epidermis burnt as well while they indulged themselves in cooking. Before the table I sat in caught fire, I was sniffing near the gas pipe because I thought I smelled gas. “Don’t get so near or you might have ur nose burnt!” Hui Ee and Kian Chen warned and pulled me off. I was lucky because the next minute, the flame rose, phew!~
1st of March is my big day but it wasn’t a happening month. Gerko started and many activities had to be done. This year I mainly participated in Red Crescent, Music club and um, the English debate and rarely Counselling. April was so so, May was the labour month as we had to prepare for mid-year exam and the Kuching High Training camp in June. The state level camp was unforgettable, especially for the committee members. There were circumtances which beyond our expectations which we had to overcome. However, the camp was considered a success and after evaluation, most of the AJKs of the project congested Hopoh’s KFC to celebrate it.
I couldn’t remember much of what happened in July. August was another study month but I was still laid back since Kuching Festival was going on. A few Red Cresent form 5s surprised Pn. Lim (teacher-in-charge of the unit) by giving her a treat at Lok Thian’s Thai restaurant (Ms.Sharon helped out a lot). Touched by us, she invited us to her house in return some time after exam.
In September, I accepted Joash’s invitation to do a duet with him during Interact club’s Installation. I went for practice once in the SIB Church with the band but luckily everything went out fine ler. After that, atmosphere got tense. Everyone studied, studied and studied. All of my classmates became so competitive. I remembered nothing but tuition, tuition and nothing else but tuition. I had never have that much tuitions my whole LIFE!~ Then, soon it was SPM. I had insufficient time to do nothing but pray for the very best. After SPM? A non-student’s life began. Went to Damai, started working and so forth. So, that made up year 2004……

*addition: i helped putting off the fire in the chemistry lab which i think was a courageous deed =p hehez.... and the greatest movie i watched in cinema last year was 'spiderman 2". ying, ping, hui, lun and i went to the cineplax with uniform in the afternoon as the class was cancelled. how many chances are there if we wana go for a movie in our form 5, the probabilty is like zero? anyway, we all loved that movie A LOT!~


At 12:21 AM, Blogger stars_here said...

Quote : "In February, Chinese New Year was celebrated like usual just that there was one thing which annoyed Poh Ping and me a lot---our gang boycotted us when they went visiting without us!!! You guys, better watch out this year~ "

WAh !! scarry !!!!! that's why ppl always say, 女人千萬不可惹﹐ lol.. But we only boycott you leh, i went to pohping house last year.. nannny nanny bu bu ~ hiakz hiakz !

At 12:12 AM, Blogger shan said...

YA!!!~u ppl really tidak berhati perut...left in in the loneliness n see how i suffer from tat? it's killin me!


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