Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Farewell Marathon

9 January 2005, I woke up early this morning. I had to sit for my law test without flipping every page of it since I don’t have time to do so. The centre sucks and all I wished was finishing it at my fastest speed and head home for Spongebob Squarepants. I was nervous when I saw all the questions bout how to ride a bike came out. I thought I might fail but I didn’t (lucky me).

Actually, I was supposed to sit for it in the afternoon but my ex-classmates had a plan that we go out for a movie and ANOTHER farewell so, I scheduled it in the morning. To my disappointment, only five people turned up. That was Yang Lip (the only guy), Poh Ping, Karen, Jou Hui and I. I reminded myself that this is the FIRST time after SPM that I actually stepped into a cinema!!! Well, unbelievable, but believe it! My dad drove me to Jou Hui’s house, picked her up, then to Karen’s house and later met Ping and Yang Lip at Times bookstore. I took how the newspaper I tore (what a stupid thing to do in a bookshop) and asked the others which movie to watch. After some discussions, we made an agreement to watch “Kung Fu Hustle”. So we hurried to the cinema at the 3rd floor and got there just in time.

Poh Ping has seen the movie once but didn’t mine to watch it again cuase she liked the movie very much. As the movie started, my laughter came along. It wasn’t a funny scene but maybe I was just over excited to see the ENORMOUS screen in the cinema. I laughed for 5 minutes without stopping. Karen (my ‘Down syndrome sister’) scolded me for being so crazy, so I excused myself by saying that it was the strange laughter made by someone in front that made me laughed. Yang Lip was worse. He talked on the phone so loudly that we felt so embarrassed. The movie wasn’t as bad as what the movie reviews reported. It was the typical commercial movie with a simple storyline meant purely for plain entertainment. Although it was far too absurd, we enjoyed watching it.

After the movie, the 5 of us shopped for Xin Jou’s farewell present. Yang Lip couldn’t stand us as we argued over which wrapper to use, not forgetting to get a ribbon which matches it well. We then hunted for a card and uneasily found one with Malay wording (those with English were actually bloody expensive!) which costed RM 3.20 ,haha. Another find today, we learnt that Siaw Fern actually worked at Lea Centre. We disturbed her, gave her a hard time then left. Isn’t that what friends are for? ;-D

It was about 6, Yang Lip offered to bring us to Richmond’s Place. We arrived there and realized that a lot of people actually reserved seats there. Frankly, I was the one to blame for forgetting to book seats in advance but since there were still enough space for some 15 people so they didn’t nag me, hehe…… We sms everyone and told them that many had arrived but it was a lie to urge them to come earlier. Sze Ying, Owen, Zhe Rong, Jocelyn, Kelly, Hui Ing, Lincoln, Eugene, Chin Kai, Tih Syhang, Jordan and Yii Ching came. WOW~ that was a success, 18 people were there and I believe I did a good job. The place was crowded by our community to celebrate Xin Jou’s farewell. I shouted to help the waitress to get her order (since I’ve got a loud voice).Everything ran smooth we all chatted since we haven’t seen some people for a long time. a few girls dyed their hair, including our Pelajar Contoh—BONG XIN JOU!!! Finally, I contributed to gather about half the class of 2004’s 5S1 students…*grin with satisfaction* Yap, this is the 3rd farewell attended 3 days in a row.


At 12:04 PM, Blogger stars_here said...

wahlao !!! didnt ajak me along !!! so the very bad !!

At 12:21 AM, Blogger shan said...

hahaz......5s3 ppl not allowed :-P


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