Thursday, April 21, 2005


All that could be heard was the roaring of the mad engine. I could feel heat steaming into my heart. It made me nervous and more nervous. I did the most stupid mistake which was so unforgivable. No wonder my dad was so hot. He had to drive me home to get my set of certificates I prepared for the interview. That wasn’t the main fuel for the burning of his anger, the morning jam was, or more precisely, my careless act and irresponsibility were. The turning-back trip took 15 minutes while the journey to my destination, UiTM took approximately 25 minutes if traffic was as smooth as silk. My watch pointed 7.15a.m. I only hope that my dad could ignore every traffic lights and went straight, cut every cars ahead and get me there in time.
“Toooottt…. It’s eight o’clock. The news…”
What the…!!? Sh’t it’s screwed!
Once I stepped on the building of UiTM, I hurrily called Yii Ching.
“The Digi number you have…” the cold voice of the mailbox answered.
Damn! What now? Where is the interview held?
“Excuse me, do you know where is the JPA interview held?” I quickly approached a gentleman. He then kindly instructed me to the place.
I could hardly run in the baju kebaya. I had to pull my skirt up a little to add speed. I looked at my watch, it was 8.05a.m. They’ll sure mark me down, or worse, straightaway kick me out, I thought. Luckily, they were lenient enough.
“Jangan risau, taklimat sahaja, temuduga belum bermula lagi.”the guy who gave me the namelist for me to sign comforted. Apparently, I looked like I was in hot water.
As I looked for my name in that list, I spotted one blank.
Great, I’m The LATEST.
I knocked and went into “Bilik Sarjana”. I wasn’t sure if I had invited attention from the almost-full room. My head was blank. I found my comrades and gasp for air behind them once I placed myself on the seat. My heart was still pounding vigorously.
Briefing ended soon. We were guided to another hall where we wrote an essay each. Topic was different from what we predicted. After a break was the group discussion. We were divided into 2 panels, and groups of 6-7 each. I was in the last group. Plenty of time to exchange opinions with the others. The few ex-Highians were the most “outspoken”. We talked to relieve stress. Also, we got to know the other aces from other schools and districts. The first few questions asked would be: what’s your name?, which school were you from?, which course did you apply for?…… For the last question, most would answer: medic…engineering…pharmacy…
Strange, no computer Science…no wonder I was chosen as nearly 99% of those we talked to got either straight As or A1s.
Hours flew by quickly. It was 1.50p.m. when the last group got its chance to get into the hall. We had waited for about 3 hours. Group discussion wasn’t as tense as I thought.
The topic: snatch thefts. In fact, most of us we quite comfortable talking to each other, casually. The were times when we went out of points and kept silent. The interviewer aided us, “What about the role the society plays to curb this problem?”
One guy whispered, “I thought we mentioned that.”
I giggled, “I think so.”After the whole session, I felt so light. It’s up to God now.


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