Sunday, April 17, 2005

hung over

These few days, I spend about an hour’s time riding in a car on the journey between Kuching and Kota Samarahan. Whenever I passby Unimas, I would say “Wow, the structure is HUGE!”. City of knowledge, no kidding man. For lunch, I have Malay food. I read Malay magazines and listen to Iban songs. I had to, because of my surrounding. My current colleagues are Iban ladies about my age. The elder one is in her 20s. she treats me like her little sister, helps me with the chores (we work in some sort of grocery shop) and brings me to stroll in that area. Well, it’s a bit like India Street in Kuching. Nothing very luxury. The community here are mostly workers from some construction sites nearby, lecturers and students of Unimas and farmers from the kampungs. The students are on holiday, so many went home, leaving the place quieter and lonelier. There’s a gap of living standards between those who live in the city and in the kampung. Some of them cannot afford expensive goods. And I estimate their average expenditure in the shop to be less than RM10.00. For example, a tube of 175g Colgate costs RM4.80 while a tube of 175g Maxam (a brand of toothpaste made in China) costs RM1.90. It’s a big difference. But it seems like money never bother them. They live simple and happy lifes. They shoppe in stores in their pajamas, bring their dogs to shoppe with them, buy toys intead of food with their hard-earned money just to make their children smile.
I see these people from 10 in the morning till 9 at night. It’s a tiring job, but I won’t grumble. I get to see people (unlike my previous job which kept me in the little jail-like office) and I’m quite contented about that. actually, this job lasts only for a few more days because my neighbour’s assistant will be back soon.

Since I didn't expect I would be called for the interview, I'm not prepared at all. Don't worry, I somehow take the initiative to call out the others for a group discussion (basically to discuss the questions they most likely will ask and how to handle etc.) and it shows how much I'm concern about the interview. Wow, doesn't look like me hor? Nevermind ler, I always do what people least expect =D


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