Tuesday, April 12, 2005


YO yo, people…I’ve passed my driving test!~ Yea yea, 20 outta 20… Ha Ha, you’ll see me driving a Toyota Corolla model AE100 soon, if you’re lucky enough.

Oops, should regain my consciousness now. Another 38 Group weekly meeting was held again last night. Before that, I received a message which read “ Shan u guys lost in kch kah?”And the truth is, we were late to pick Ping up. After that, I asked Hui to drive me to one of the tuition centres to look for a job as a tuition tutor. It wasn’t easy and I have to wait for their reply in 2 weeks time. I’ll be very, very free this period because by the time the administrative contact me, school shall start soon. Really bo kang tau ler…
After fetching Lun, we ate Sambal Mee at “Grandma’s”(外婆板麵). The noodles were not spicy enough to our tastes but tasty. Drinks were nice too. Thanks to Ping for paying the meal (since she got so many rewards for scoring straight A1s in SPM) =D
The shop was closing so we had to move. We spotted Sunny Hill and decided to stop there or a treat of ice-cream. We chatted and chatted, until the stall was closing. We had to change another spot as we wanted to continue our topics so desperately. Then, there was Red Road Tea. We discussed how many drinks we should order as we were really full already. I seeked for the cheapest drinks on the menu and suggested, “Sky Juice lar, 50cents per cup, make that 2.”
Suggestion rejected by Lun. Reason? “Don’t sia soi lar. So paiseh arr!”
Again, the shop closed real soon. It wasn’t 10.30 yet and Lun didn’t want to go back to help out at her shop so Ping proposed that we stay in the car and continue our everlasting topics. Can’t believe that we talked for about an hour in the car. We talked about everything under the sun, which required the length of time like “From a.m. to p.m.”By 12, we arrived home, chilled. It was a cold night but enjoyable.


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