Saturday, April 09, 2005

Sloth growS

Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for my short absence here. Not that I’ve been very busy but I’m now terribly lazy. I’ve stopped working a few days ago and basically do nothing but eat and sleep. I usually wake up at 9, then I’ll read “Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown. Interesting story, but I’ll still fall asleep after a few lines. I’ll wake up at noon and straightaway head for lunch. After that,I'll watch TV perhaps and might fall for another round of siesta. It’s dull. I wonder if I could stand this for another month. Without the income, I can’t spend too much while hanging out with my friends now. Sad. To add some colours into my life, I do leave my nest for a breath of fresh air outside occasionally.
I went out with my 38 gang on Wednesday, did the things we usually do (gossiped) and tried the new Curry Crunch at KFC. Hey guys, you might love to go to Saberkas’s KFC outlet for the meal because it’s “HOT”! Not the chicken, but the chick there...
It rained cats and dogs that evening that Hui and I were trapped because Hui’s car was parked a few streets away from the shop that we ate in (whereas there was a parking space right IN FRONT of that shop before we’d noticed it). Luckily,A kind lady offered us a big piece of cardboard as our shelter.
Strange. It seems like whenever I go out, it’ll rain. Or is it the weather being moody itself?
On Thursday, I went out with some friends for lunch. One came out with the idea to feed fish at the State Library’s lake. This time, it poured. We were wet thoroughly and we wasted the bread.
So well, rainy days make me lazier…


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