Tuesday, April 05, 2005

now i remember...

After visiting Jou Hui's Blog,I realised that I used to disturb the guy who've just gotten married (mentioned in my previous post) when we were classmates. Yea, Jou Hui got the news (she'd actually witnessed it for herself!) earlier than I do, maybe because she's the president of 38 gorup...haha. So, I was quarreling with that guy and I came out with an idea of drawing him a girl alien to symbolise his sissiness in the English class. This was some big deal for primary school kids, because our teacher was none other than HELEN NGUI , the teacher who could sing "今天不回家"(a chinese oldie which she sings whenever we couldn't finish our work) so awfully that the newer block which was under construction that time actually collapsed! Students from chung hua no.3 , refresh your memories. haha. She saw me giggling after I've finished my masterpiece and passed it around for the others to admire it. She then brutally conphiscated the drawing and yelled at me, "You think I don't know what you were doin ar, har? Class, *shows the picture to the whole class* do you think this is funny? *everyone giggled* (cham liaw la,better keep quiet) Do you think that I'm this ugly? (hahaha...i thought you're worse than that, and i wasn't even drawing you IDIOT! I even quoted my classmate's name there, JULING!)" Assuming that she was right, she asked another guy to convert my small drawing into a bigger scale on the blackboard...There, it was so artistic but not as original anymore...Can't blame the guy who copied it, it was to fine to be copied anyway *proud* haha...And I wonder where the drawing is now...should have gone into the dustbin already...Oh NO, it could have worthed a million bucks now if I threaten my classmate that I might show it to his wife, argh!~


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