Monday, April 04, 2005


I got news from Kath on Sat night while we were over the phone---one of our primary school good old buddy classmate was married and damn, I didn’t see the notice in the papers! Great, I wonder if I was the last to know AGAIN this time. News like such spreads fast.
It happened to be that our friend (name hidden to prevent any awkwardness) got a heavenly prize from God, a child, and he HAS TO marry the girl who was 2 years elder than him. I wonder how he felt during his wedding, should he be happy or nervous or just a mixture of terrible feelings? I mean is it too young at this age to be parents? Are most of the 18- year- olds mature enough to get the hell of commitments and heavy-duty responsibilities? I don’t know, I give him the best blessings.
I know another guy who got married last year (yea, he was 17 that time) and some of you might know him too but that’s enough of gossiping. Fullstop.
For the guys (or even girls la) out there who want to have fun but not any surprises, it’s best to get solid safe precautions sebelum nasi menjadi bubur. But hey, if it were to happen, I’ll go to your wedding if you invite me…hehe. Ok, that’s not funny.


At 6:44 PM, Anonymous hui~ said...

shan,u better be careful o!!!!
don't be like wad he n she had done o!!!!!!
i dont wanna so fast attend ur wedding o=p
n don't let me c u one day wiv a big stomach o!!!!! haha=D
take care urself!!love urself too!!
that's my advice for u!

At 11:53 AM, Blogger shan said...

hahaha....omg....ur implying that i might end up like that! NO WAY!!!!! haha...that is crazy...n u too arr, remember to the extremely careful...LOLz
but im very much aware of "tragedies" like that ler...rem? i'm not gonna get marry b4 28, so dun worry la, wanna attend my wedding, u'll hv to wait for at least another decade, ok? don't hv to rush....muahaha!


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