Tuesday, April 19, 2005


The plan for a pre-interview group discussion went into the drain. Aduh, wasted my phone credit nia and also my effort.
This morning, when I was still in dreamland, I heard some screeching. The voice was so sharp that I was awaken. The voice called me to answer to phone. So, blur-blurly, I picked it up and asked, “Wei?”
It was Ping she told me that I had to prepare a CV for the interview. That meant I had to go to school to see my everdearest Mr. Bong again. Before that, we needed a nice printer (mine is faultier than ever). I then suggested to go to a CC and the 2 of us spent time there typing the CV. I forgot to bring all my certificates (in fact,I brought none) so I thought hard of what to fill in. That brain-squeezing session took an hour and a half before Ping and I could get back to Kuching High to see our entau kia.
Can you believe it, Mr. Bong actually edited my vision? I mean that was MY vision, not his, but he somehow made me change it (what to do, if I don’t he won’t certify it). So my vision became: “ To be an outstanding computer technologist” That was, euwww….kolotnya! He is a perfectionist, no doubt. I misplaced one single fullstop and he wanted me to reprint the whole thing. Yuck. Luckily things were done in time. Anyway, I also kesian him la, since he sacrificed his lunch time for us. Being a busybody, no trouble find trouble person, I simply popped, “Mr. Bong, is any other advice for us?” He willingly bla-ed about how to cope with it on the actual day. “Be prepared to sing patriotic songs like Keranamu Malaysia. Never get the National Anthem’s lyrics wrong or you’ll straightaway be sent home.”He must be hungry that time because he din’t go on endlessly like usual.
Back at home, I cut my nails. They are never this short. My fingers feel so naked. And my hair. I don’t think I wana dye it charcoal black. It’s uhh…u…gly. Let’s see if some gel will help, the colour isn’t very striking anyway. I tried the baju kebaya I’ve borrowed. It’s printed with aqua flowers and brown leaves, what a match. But cutting was good, it fitted me well. The baju kurung on the other hand, was bright with
highlight green and purple flowers. I felt itcy and hot while wearing it though. And I look like the typical demure Malay girls while wearing them on…haha
In the evening, I went to my students’ house for my very first lesson. This was the first time I gave tuition to others. The two boys are CUTE ! Hohoho…but their writing har, I have to comment, really look like bean sprouts. They are Chung Hua students and I gave tuition for BM. When I explained, I have to help them write the meaning in Chinese, because they don’t know some Chinese words to. Good ler, 2-in-1 learn BM and Mandarin at the same time. Too bad, I couldn’t remember all the Chinese words that I have to check it in the hanphone =p
Another thing, we were sitting at the dining room where there was NO FAN nor AIR-COND. Air was circulated by the breeze that came in once a while from the opened windows. That means mosquitoes could come in and bite us as they like. Kesian my students ler, have to scratch their hands and legs while writing and not forgeting that they perspired like cats and dogs. I’ll see them again tomorrow.


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