Monday, April 25, 2005

News Update

“Since you’re so free, why don’t you vacuum the car instead of watching cartoons?”
“Mum, it’s unfair! I haven’t touched the car yet and why is it my responsibility to take care of it? Carwash is in reach everywhere.”
“You have to learn. You’re gonna use it sooner or later.”
Reluctantly, I dragged the vacuum cleaner to my car and started to work. Second-hand car, booh! There’s a lot of works to be done. As it’s white, the job got tougher. I don’t want a single flaw on it coz it’s noticeable. Honestly, I don’t even know how to operate the car. I’m not taught to and I barely understand some symbols on certain buttons. I just wish that my dad let me drive it soon. He insisted to supervise me a few times before I go on solo BUT there’s not even a single time so far. The new decore has been in the car porch for 3 days already.

In the evening, Hui came to pick me up to see Micheal Wang at Kenyalang. We wanted to arrive at the venue earlier so that we might get better parking spaces but apparently, many early birds had already flood the carpark. But heck, we’ve got luck. We soon found a nice, legal parking space nearby. We waited for more than an hour before the local singer had actually appear. The place was stuffed, with around 2000 audiences, I guess. Some came in illegally without tickets. People we met were friendly and kind. They squeezed over to allow us to sit with them. And the best thing was the big fan behind us. We could see performance on the stage clearly like crystal from that spot too. The host aviated our focus point on the star with games and rehearsals of singing the artist’s main hit in the newest album. The game however, was a cheat. Unfair, I’d said. One of those questions went, who is the PM of Malaysia? The moron who’d got guts but not brains had no idea and the host eventually showed him the answer on the answer card he held. After that was free posters for grab. Only people near stage got the benefits. Instead of being really enthusiastic, I bathed myself with showers of Micheal’s love songs. He’s great with that, and cold jokes too, how cute.

The first thing I thought of once I got home was updating my blog. Actually I was being urged by you-know-who-you are. Haha.While I was halfway chatting and reading others’ blog, my sis switched on the television and saw The Apprentice Finale. How could I miss that? Kelly Purkew was the aprrentice for season 2. Good, he’s also my preference among the final 2. I can’t wait to see season 3 and the new reality show “The Contender”. Mark Burnett sure has been making a lot of money since he created ‘The Survivor’. So does Donald Trump. “The Apprentice 4 is yet to come. Hopefully there’s a female apprentice in the future and the programme to be more unexpected.


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