Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My Allergies

I bet you’re all still licking your lollipops in dreamland while I was already awaken this morning. The short hand of the clock showed 4 while the long hand pointed 10. I was still in my Mickey Mouse T-shirt when my mum came into my room and asked me to clean myself. I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face because my parents were waiting. I didn’t even have time to change my clothes or take a chilling bathe.
I took the keys. Yes, the car keys. In my life history, this is the first time I actually drive that car, the Toyota which has a bigger body than the Kelisa which I last use when learning driving. There were troubles. I didn’t know how to reverse and use the many duno-what-they-are-for buttons in the car. I even took a minute experimenting on the high lights and low lights, how pathetic.
At a very low speed of 30km/hr, I brought my parents to the park at the MBKS building to jog. My dad asked me to park the car into the parking box big enough to be entered by any pick-ups using the reverse gear. I went blank. What? I wasn’t taught that to get a P lisence before.

“%&$^)*&^=$@#! How did you actually pass driving test har? The space is so big and your car is senget. There was only one car next to yours now. How are you suppose you can park your car when you go out? The parking space could be even smaller you know? You think with your skills like that you can drive this car out arr? I think you have to be supervised for at least 20 more times before you’re more capable of handling this car.”

What a long script my dad had to prepare, don’t you think? You guys must be grateful because you don’t have a dad like mine…oops, I mean your driving coaches are more patient and kind. My dad’s got one thousand and one complaints about JPJ’s system on producing “capable” drivers these days. And nine hundred and ninety-nine of the imperfections could be found in my driving skills. The only two I didn’t offend was speeding and using of the seatbelt. Imagine, I drove at the of an average 30km/hr on the clear big straight roads. Anyone who chose to walk could arrive at the same place earlier
than me. I doubted if that was called “driving”.

So, we came out of the car to jog. My mum teased me, “Cham liaw lar you.” And I said, “Yeah lor, fiercer than my driving teacher, man.”The moon was still hanging high in the sky when my mum started to jog with me. I think she know most of the Ah Peks and Ah Mas who usually jog there. I was so lazy to jog that I only walked in a faster pace. My thighs felt itchy when I got faster. I guess I’m allergic to jogging after all. I couldn’t wait for the church’s bell to ring as it indicates 6a.m. Finally, the allergy of jogging stopped while the nightmare of driving took place.When I drove back, the Ah Peks and Ah Mas went my way...stupid old people...couldnt they see my car? I was putting on the BIG LIGHTS some more...didn't they see the "P" sticker? No wonder my mum suggested that I stick the stickers all over the mirror...duh ~All I could hear was my dad buzzing like a bee next to me. When I arrived home, I accidentally knocked the car’s side mirror because it’s position was oblique. Kesian the car, I add more scars onto it.
Sorry to disappoint you guys, especially those who longed to get a ride in my car. You’ll have to wait for another month, till I graduated from my dad’s driving learning institution before I can officially get the permit to drive without my ‘si fu’. Wish me luck hor, my dad is ten thousand times stricter than JPJ. And worse, I’ll have to sacrifice at least 20 more mornings of my precious dreamtime.


At 5:51 PM, Blogger SaY_Ra said...

WahHAHahha..take it easy lar shan~my mom oso scolded me till SMELLY when i got my 'P' cos she said that how the JPJ let me past while i cant do 'L' parking...cos my house need to use L parking to park the car =D but after a while can oso my reverse technique is better than my forward..can u imagine that?even i drive forward can hit ppl,backward wun =.=''terrible..hahhaa

At 8:37 AM, Blogger shan said...

me too...duno how to do L parking lar..the mionute my dad said,"now, do the L parking to park the car into the car porch", thn i say what is L parking?...walau eh...kena scolded till "dog head with blood" =p
haha...2day also no good ler...tyre kena the longkau curb while trying to reverse...very the tiam one =P

At 2:33 PM, Blogger SaY_Ra said...

wahaha yesterday i went to pick Pik Hang at her house and u know wat her mom said? 'You[pik hang] see ur fren driving skill so good!u like wat?!' WAHHHAHHAHA so PROUD LAR :X

At 12:12 AM, Blogger shan said...

haha...i think u can come to my house too, let my parents c how good u drive...coz my driving skill really sucks...n i've got no sense of direction...alot of mistakes while reversing becoz hv to steer the diff direction...i'm always wrong =p...haha...but i think after a few more times should be more ok liaw gua?


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