Sunday, December 26, 2004

A Christmas Gift from Faraway

It’s Christmas and people are exchanging gifts. I’m, not a Christian so Christmas celebration is when I hang out with friends and have fun. On Christamas eve, I went out with my buddy, Kathrine for a drink and then met my another gang of friends at Tapanga.There were lots of people there but not too crowded. We each have either a can of softdrink or beer cause most of us din’t plan to spend much. We din’t exchange gifts either. The best blessing this Christmas is that we can gather and have fun. Friendship is the best gift we gave each other I guess.

This year I receive a very special gift from someone. Special it is as it came a long to me. The sender must have made a great effort for asking my sister to hide it and hand it to me only at Christmas. They cooperated so well that I din’t even know when the gift arrived. I was kind of touched. Thanks a million!!!~ Besides that, I think the gift cost quite a lot because it is a fragrance gift set from a popular brand. Well, that doesn’t imply that I’m attracted by the business value of it but the sender’s sincerity which makes the gift so meaningful to me. It is so pretty that I’m so unwilling to open it and try the fragrance out.

Every gift is a blessing we should all treasure, even a short message means a lot. My phone was flooded with X’mas messages but I din’t reply all. Sorry if u din’t get my message because I’m trying to cut down my phone bill, hehe… Anyway, a MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all and may your wishes come true.

P/s Sorry again because I forgot to send you guys x’mas ecard this year…


At 12:08 AM, Blogger stars_here said...

hoi.. cha bor.. didnt emphasize the bookmark i give to you leh... want die huh (.\/.)

At 12:15 AM, Blogger shan said...

owh...sorry!~the bookmark was too small that i even forget bout it..hehez...noler i'm using it everyday, thank you


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