Thursday, December 30, 2004

29 December 2004 ****

Today is my cleaning day. I washed 2 toilets- 1 at my office and 1at home. It is strange because I became extremely particular about cleaniness since I last washed the toilet at work. I washed it till it shines and you can even see your reflection from the toilet bowl. Wonderful,right? Watch it for yourself, RM10 per entry. Nett. At home, I vacuumed my room. I discovered that I have become a “spiderwoman” since mid-year. I don’t know how many spiderwebs there were in my room and I was actually living in a “spidey community”. Not until today, because I destroyed all their habitats and sucked in so many of them.So, I actually killed them a few days earlier than I expected. It wasn’t a tough job at all and I finished the job in less than half an hour(thought i would only vacuum in weekends). …hahaz, I really enjoy doing that. The vacuum cleaner is a very useful equipment, I can even use it to suck mosquitoes…owh, I love that~
Besides that, today is also my ‘family day’. We shopped for a new set of sofa at Beetax (the one opposite Chong Lin). We din’t know that it belongs to my sister’s friend’s family and she herself was shocked to see her friend there. So, we started to look at the furniture. We all had different opinions. My mum loves rattan one, my father prefers the wooden one, while my brother insists to buy the PVC leather one. However, my mum won the “battle”. All of us agreed to get the rattan one and my brother who lost nearly bursted into tears (he’s 12) so I had to comfort him…you know what he did? He scolded us for choosing the more expensive set, duh~ what was he thinking? Nevermind, I’ve always enjoyed the family battle.
After that, we went to shoppe for my siblings uniform since school reopens soon. Haha, I couldn’t be happier because I don’t need to get myself into that trouble…what to do? I finished high school~ Then, we went for supper. It’s not a habit our habit to take supper but since my sister scored well in PMR, my parents gave us a treat. I shouldn’t have eaten so much as I’m getting fatter and fatter... well, I really had a great time with my family today, it always comes with little conflicts and big laughters…


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