Friday, December 24, 2004

Come Clean

There’s nothing much to do with Miss Duff’s song, “Come Clean” in this article. The highlight is on cleaniness and hygiene. How important can cleaniness be? It’s one important factors of maintaining good health.

Basically I’m a lazy person whose room is in a mes with piles of SPM reference books on the bookshelf, a stack of old newspapers I accumulated since November at one corner of the room, some magazines on my study table, bottles and bottles of don’t- know- what lotion on my make-up desk, pillows on the floor and clothes all over my bed. NEVER open my closet, you wouldn’t want to be buried alive by falling clothes. They’re not as hard as stones but enough to drown you.

Being such an undiscilpine and untidy person, it’s a contradiction when I’m not at home. I’m workin part time these days and my job is quite an easy one. There’s nothing much for me to do so I’m always free to do my own thing and even take charge of the office’s cleaniness. I don’t mind at all cause it’ll be too boring to sit there and do nothing. So, I wipe the windows, vacuum the floor And, wash the toilets. Come on, believe your eyes, I Did say I wash the toilet. HAHAHA…somebody will burst into laughter on behalf of their disbeliefs as they imagine.

It’s alright, I forgive you. Anyway, this is one of my greatest deed I’ve done when because the toilet was dirty and smelly when I first came. As I’ll be using the toilet often in the future, so what harm can it do to have it cleaned? Therefore, I determined to clean it. But wait a second! How am I suppose to clean it without appropriate equipment i.e. a toilet brush? It’s not a smart move to just pour half a bottle of the 1500ml Dettol All Purpose Cleaner with fresh lavender fragrance into the toilet bowl to get rid of the stubborn stain. “T’nkkk…” An idea sparkled me---I’m going to use the broom as a substitute! The results? A clean toilet with a pleasant lavender smell…I’m a genius!!!

“Hey, O’gui (tortoise) don’t fool us could a broom fit into the toilet bowl?” “Yalor, where got people use broom to wash toilet one?” STOP, I say, let me finish first! It’s a thousand times better to use the broom than to rub it with toilet paper, right? Still doubtful? Go home and try then.

Actually, I’ve never cleaned the the toilet at my home for a decade already but recently I discover that it is quite fun. So, ‘let the rain fall down and wake my dreams Let it wash away my sanity… …”humming while washing the toilet is pure joy… Owh, there goes my sanity, being washed!~ No wonder I think that was fun!!!


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