Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Types of People Who “Admit” Their Stupidity

*“Stupid”is a very common word to all of ussince we were kids. Usually, we’d rather use this word to describe other people than to put it on oursleves. However its one of the most widely used negative adjectives some people might use to call themsleves. These are the few types of people who are most likely to claim that they are stupid:

1.The Opposite type
These people are actually smart and capable but they purposely say that they are stupid to avoid unwanted attention or jealousy.
e.g. A: “You can really play the basketball!” B: “No lah, it’s just my lucky day.” A: “So, you’re lucky everyday…”
Main trait- too “humble”

2.The Irresponsible type
People who did mistakes and conceals them with the statement, “ I told you that I am stupid” to prevent themselves from being punished or getting into troubles.
e.g. C: “ How could you fail this mission?” D: “ I’m sorry but you know that I’m stupid”
Main trait- like to give excuses, timid, reluctant to accept the truth

3.The Lack of confidence type
The combination of type 1 & 2 who state that they are “stupid” ahead before you to reject responsibilities given to them.
e.g. E: “ You did a marvellous job in the previous project, would you like to take charge of the coming one?” F: “No, thanks. You won’t want an idiot to be the leader, do you?”
Main trait- lack of confidence, irresponsible, ‘too humble’ and sometimes lazy

4.The Earning Sympathy type

Contrarary to type 1 and 2, these group of people purposely say that they are stupid because they tend to draw attention from the oh\thers, hoping that care and help can be given to them.
e.g. G: “ I’m a computer dummy” H: “ it’s okay, let me help you with your work.”
Main trait- likes to take advantages from others, likes free meals without paying, lazy

5.The Wanting attention type
Quite alike copared to type 4,this type of stupids likes to stress on their stupidity in order to get people’s attention and consolation.
e.g. I: “ I’m stupid, would never be better than he is.” J: “ I don’t think so, in fact, you’re a talent.”
Main trait- those who use stupid ways to get others’ recognition, like to be praised

6.The ‘Kiasu” type
Identical twin of the first type, they fear that the others might surpass them so they keep their talents tight, refuse to help.
e.g. K: “ Can you give me some tips on how to study Chemistry since you score well for it?” L: “ Owh, you overestimate me,in fact I’m a moron for that subject.”
Main trait- “kiasu”, selfish

7.The Down-to-earth type
These people are down-to-earth and honest.
e.g. I: “ You’re STUPID!” U: “ Yes, I am! :-)”
Main trait- Stupid…what else do you expect?

So, which type(s) are you?

*All the ‘stupid’s above can be replaced with other synonymous terms.
**This post is meant to be sacarstic, please supply yourself with plenty of tissue in case you feel yourslef being insulted (especially those who fall in type 7?)
***Protect the environment by using handkerchief instead if tissue. However it’s best not to cry because I, myslef don’t cry although most of the mentioned describe me. (yea, how would I be able to get these ideas if I’m not one of them?)


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