Wednesday, December 29, 2004

28 December 2004 ***

I walked to work as usual. On my way, I stopped at a handphone shop to look at the numbers because I want to switch to prepaid service ever since my phone bill got higher and higher. The lady there gave me a list of new numbers. I looked and looked and finally chose 016-8008045. Well, it’s not extremely pretty but quite memorable a number bought at the lowest price of RM18, what a gain! I was too happy that I straightaway gave the lady 2 ten ringgit notes. Then, the lady called me, returned me 2 ringgit, and gave me a free gift (a CD holder), how nice!
After that, I made 3 paces into 2 so that I won’t be late for work. I arrived a few minutes before time, settled down, and waited for my sweat to dry up. My instinct told me that it was going to be a boring day. Bingo, I was right! My colleague was talking to his friends, sometimes pointing at his computer while I did nothing but sat there and read my book and dozed for n-times. How I wish I could use the Acer computer in front of me, duh~ what’s the use of a computer without an extension cord? Don’t they know that computers can’t work without electricity?
Those guys left the office soon then it was me ALONE… :-0 borriiinnnnggggg… If they were there at least I could here them talk about the tsunamis. My mum was quite concerned about my safety after the tsunami hit a few places. She exhorted me to call my dad to pick me up if it rains too heavily(since i walk to work everyday). Everyone’s paranoid about the disaster and it becomes a hot topic.
Anyway, 8 hours wasn’t too long. I called a few friends to just chit chat with them and inform them about my new number. After that, I continued reading. Fed up with the tiny traditional Mandarin text, I walked around the place. I was too lazy to do cleaning. All of a sudden, I was streamed with ideas, so I quickly took a pen and jotted them down. I’m going to post the drafted I written in my blog soon. Yeah, that’s what I do, writing drafts of my blogs during working time, have them typed and posted up when I reach home.
Soon, it was 5 something. I waited for the clock to strike 6. YES, time to go home!


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