Friday, December 31, 2004

Bloggers’ Big Day

Look into the sky… the stars are twinkling happily although it rained nearly the whole evening. Brightly they shine for an eventful and significant day for the bloggers--- ABC ( Annual Bloggers’ Convention) which have to be recorded in history. Well, I’m not going to go into detail since the other members will have it done in their blogs. There’s a list from A to Z we do for tradition in the coming celebration. I really feel honoured to be able to attend this marvellous and meaningful gathering even though I’m a very new blogger.
Here’s a brief description of how the ceremony is carried out:
Someone has to drive. He or she will have to pick up 4 strangers from different schools or different community and best if they are from different races. Then, he/she has to drive to Buntal to a restaurant namely Lim Hock Ann (I’m not promoting the restaurant or what but it’s tradition you know) to order 5 particular dishes ( can I not list them out?). at 8 pm, someone has to spill his/her fresh lime juice into the vegetable with belacan (I don’t know how it spells, beedin?) ok, forget it. Oh ya, we have to play cards before that…oh no, handphone comes first. Then there should be a pin drop silence and someone has to pop: “ Why is everyone so quiet?”Later on some chit-chat and photo taking session has to be done. Yea, the typical class photo with guys at the back and girls in front and the waitress there who acts like a teacher and orders us to be serious as we take our place.
Pinch the driver every30 seconds to make sure that the all the bloggers can have a safe journey. Starting a topic about pets can be nice to break silence. Then we will take turns to voice up. Soon, we’ll reach the Santubong Bridge ( I hope I’m not wrong) where the driver should speed up a little bit as everyone holds their breath to make a wish (we’ll see how it works real soon). After that, we should find somewhere with a washroom so that we don’t have to torture our bladders? As bloggers are the kindest people on Earth, ( especially 5 of the ABC founders) picking up another stranger wouldn’t be a problem. Then the driver will say, “I’m driving aimlessly. Can anyone suggest where to go?”Too, bad everyone talks to the stranger now. So, the driver has to shout the stranger’s name to get attention… Finally, a place is found to settle everybody down. We’ll have drinks and more chit-chat ( and some language lessons perhaps?) the stranger has to pay for the driver’s drinks. Chit-chat some more until it’s someone’s curfew and when it’s time to dismiss. Have to send the stranger home too (if he/ she hadn’t taken medicine. That might threaten the lifes of some potential bloggers which might cause a great lost to the bloggers’ society, you see)
When everyone’s home, we’ll have another conference through the net…
As long as long as the stars are shining, the spirit of ABC will continue to glisten…

*Note: I apologize if the story was deviated and if spelling errors are found… actually I kind of feel bad for always calling the person who drives ‘the driver’ since it doesn’t sound so nice. Anyway, he plays the most important role this very day to make everything possible. So, thank you.


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