Monday, December 27, 2004

26 December 2004 ****

Sunday is the best day of the week to get lazy. I started my day watching “Spongebob Squarepants” and “Mr. Bean the animated”. Then I listened to songs, read a book by Napoleon Hill. After that i took a look at my room and saw many spiderwebs.....Owh!~ i must clean my room soon, but i was too tired so i decided to take a nap....when i woke up, it was 5, i need to go for dinner tonight,so don't think i had enough time. Since it wasn't cleaned since some centuries ago (before my mock exam)'ll just have to wait for its owner to feel motivated someday to have the cleaning job done.
In the evening, I attended a “thank you dinner” which is especially planned for our Kuching High Red Crescent Youth Unit’s teacher-in-charge, Pn. Lim organized by our form 3 members. They are so great for being able to make it work without guidance from teachers but the form4.Before going, I was thinking hard of what to wear because I really had no idea of why the asked us to dress up in formal. I squeezed my brain until I decided not too wear too “formal” so I dressed quite casually. Luckily, there were even people who wore jeans.
The food was okay...yea, like what most people said, not as good as before...Of course, the place is very nice...saw a very pretty girl at the other dinning room. Sorry, should highlight our dinner. Our members danced tonight, they looked great but i still prefer the one at the 40th Anniversary Dinner at Civic Center, especially the sketch. Overall, you people improve really fast! i was amazed by your great job.
It is supposed to be a sad night because it's like we're parting but i still feel great for being able to see most of our members, ex-leaders, the form 5 , and our everdearest Pn. Lim..hahaz......i hugged her, did you? :-p


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