Thursday, December 23, 2004

22 December 2004 * * *

Today in history…don’t know what happened in the years before BUT a potential blogger is borned this very day. I signed up as a blogger some twenty plus hours back and officially post something up here. I’ll do the blog my own way and u might come across things like stars that come after the date which indicate the mood I’m in that day with a maximum of 5.
Today is quite a sweet day, but it could have been brighter if the plan that our classmates can make it for a movie and drink tonight. The last time I saw my classmates was the last day of SPM when all of us went out to eat steamboat. How I miss them… Too bad, it’s super-duper hard to gather all of us since everyone seems to have their own programmes and reasons for not making it…some don’t have transport,some have to work,some engage with church activities and others not in Kuching. We’re planning this out mainly because our class monitor, Clement will be leaving Kuching for further studies. I think most of us will miss him (especially girls, haha) because he is the kindest guy in class. He is a gent who is always the first one to come up to help the teacher to clean the blackboard, bring in the OHP, carry books and other trivial things which is such a waste for a rare talent…He’s also very helpful and cope with us well (as in waiting for us to finish our work even we passed the timeframe the teacher gave due to talking and playing).
Okay,that’s enough of praising bout him since this is not a biography of his. However,if you (Mr. Ex-Class Monitor) would like to thank me for “promoting ”your good characteristics over here, it’s your pleasure to give me a treat or something. Talking bout ex-class monitor, Yang Lip came across my mind (he was our class monitor in Form 4). He is a uniquely funny guy who’s also the superior material for entertainment. Sketches and dramas will least likely be interesting without his participation. The most engraving one?---the “milking cow action”. Ask him to do it if u see him next time…hahaz. In short I enjoy working with him in the sketch which we appeared champion,history,but still fresh in my memory.
Hmm…seems like I’m flooding my blog with the ‘class monitor’topic… haha, if you used to be my class monitor and can’t find your name here, I’ll put you up next time :-)


At 12:11 AM, Blogger stars_here said...

disagree!! clements not a gentleman !! he's sooo hamsup ! -___-''

At 12:16 AM, Blogger shan said...

hahaz...but i "like " him mar, wad to do? ;-P


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