Friday, December 31, 2004

Time to change the calendar

News Year’s eve is when everyone counts down to send off year 2004 and welcome year 2005. What I did was hanging out with friends. At 7pm, there’s this gathering meant for our primary school classmates. There were 11 of us which consist of everyone I can recognise except Samuel who came back from Australia and Allen who became so hip hop that I even asked, “Who’s that guy?”. The others are like, I’m so used to seeing them ler, hehez. Everybody gossips…Clara posted ,um actually it was Samuel who started the topic bout our love life. So, we had to tell one by one ler. And we did the lagging action the whole night, how lame was that? We said something cold which we thought would be funny and laughed ourselves out. Anyhow, we made the most noises in Memory Cafe that we felt the waitress might just put up a ‘Silent please’ sign in front of us.
After that we moved on to do to the countdown. Before that, Adeline drove me to Lake Park to pick up Florence. I guess that was the funnest part coz we turned the song loud and sang with our hearts. Then it was the girls’ time in the car. Traffic was bad, Extremely BAD. And there were like police everywhere. Adeline had to avoid them because there she din’t put up her “P” stickers. We parked somewhere near Jade Pot to walk to Soho. And the countdown actually sucks… when we finished countdown in Grappa, we came out. It was then we heard people in Soho shouted “3…2…1…Happy new Year!~” oh man, din’t they standardise the time? what sort of countdown is that? the area was too crowded, there’s not even a space to fit me in,not to mention dancing. I just wana get home as soon as possible as I wasn’t in the party mood anymore. I was stepped by strangers, squeezed by the party people and felt that, I’d rather come online at home. So here I am blogging.
Anyway, there’s one thing I wish I could do but I couldn’t. I was thinking of donating to the tsunamis’victims via sms but it din’t get through. DiGi sent me a message which reads: “ You do not have sufficient credit to perform this transaction. Please reload your prepaid credit”owh, I forgot that there’s only a balance of RM 2.20 in my account and I thought it just costs me RM1? I just wana do a good deed but seems like I ‘ve been‘rejected’. Whatever, I might reload my account and try in the morning so that this could be the first good deed I do in year 2005. Giving within our ability will turn us into happy souls, trust me (it’s anyhow more meaningful than just counting down) Hope that you all have a wonderful time. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!~


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