Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Being a bit superstitious

Said the lady who "analysed" my name (in chinese). So I went to Times Square to shop and came across this shop that helps people analyse their names for free (marketing tactics). So, if my anme were to be that atrocious, shouldn't I be in somewhere else instead of university right now? Or maybe a beggars name could have been better than mine. Undeniable, I am superstitious to a very very mild extend but to change a name, it's not easy. I've been carrying this name which I feel so proud of for 20 years and how can I be so heartless to substitute it with another one? Btw, I don't think my luck is so bad to the extend she mention cause that was really too much that i wana call my mum on the spot to complain about it. But nevermind, Siaw Ling and Kelly went to that shop after I told them what happened. Their results show that I wasn't the only one. So, the 3 of us laughed....well, I felt better and how stupid I was to "nearly believe" what the person said even though I didn't plan to change my name anyhow she said.
If things were that bad, I will have to get a list of names so that I can change whenever I'm in a bad luck until my friends will get so wired up that they don't know which name to call me.

Anyhow, girls are girls. We just like to have fun. Besides this name analysis, there is this "game" where you tie a strand of hair to a silver ring, hold it with your fingers and let the pattern of the movement of the pendulum tell you when you will get married.
The person who plays is suppose to think of the age sincerely until the pendulum moves. If it goes sideways, you'll not get marry at that age. If the pendulum moves in a circle, it means you'll get marry at that age. I'm very curious to know how this works. Well, someone has to prove that there is a certain percentage of reliability to this game, right? So, this is a random sample of results I gained. I'll come back and check if it really happens.
*Book-25 years old
*Snow-26 years old
*Mountain-26 years old
*Telur Kari-29 years old

I do hope there are more volunteers to join this experiment to prove the validity of this test. Do not hesitate to send me data so that i can work on the statistics later.
*names of partipants have been changed to protect thier privacy


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