Monday, January 21, 2008

the shopping craze

Chinese New Year is around the corner and the shopping centres are now more crowded than usual. I feel kind of hectic to shop at this time because...
1. everyone that walk pass me has more bags of goodies than me
2. the couch at the shoes section doesnt serve its purpose because men who wait for women occupy the couch
3. some people just don't have the ethics of queueing
4. i pity myself when i try on something nice but look horrible on me
5. shopping can burn my wallet, not just a hole, perhaps the whole wallet
6. shopping can be extremely tiring. i don't think it's a good way to exercise anymore because you may suffocate till death
So, why didn't I buy anything?
My head was stuffed with "wow, they sure make lots of profit with this whereas the cost must have been a lot lower, consumers should be stupid to buy this thing at this rate"

Since i didn't get to buy anything, i took this picture..Chinese New Year is coming...yeah!~


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