Tuesday, January 08, 2008

First lesson of the learning psychology—lesson learnt

We have been waiting for this lecturer for some time. This is the third time he’s not been into our class. Two of our coursemates took the initiation to ask the people at hte office. The lecturer came after an hour has passed. First question asked was “Do you believe that there is something free in this world? I don’t think so. Who would like to challenge my statement?”
“Sir, love is free” one student answered. That was a lousy answer, I thought. I was right. The answer was easily being declined and explained. “How could love be free? You have to earn love.” Yeap, that’s what I thought. Love is about give and take. You have to have the qualities to be loved by others, I can’t agree more. It’s kind of realistic but that’s just how life is. That is why you see the difference between those who are popular and those who are being rejected.
“Gravity, sir” someone answered. Wrong again I thought, never take something from nature as granted. Again, my thoughts were parallel to those of the lecturer’s. He mentioned about the environmental issues and such. If we don’t believe in God, we must at least believe in nature. Having the privilege to enjoy something doesn’t mean it’s free. I totally agree. We pay our dues after that. That’s why global warming is such a big issue now. We thought air was free, resources are abundant and human beings are intelligent. But we never thought about paying for what we’ve used, not to mention if we can afford to pay those debts.
Second thing learnt, never trust a person, but learn to trust. He stressed that everyone has the tendency to lie compared to any living organism known on earth. That’s why he trusts his horse rather than us. However, he chose to trust us to make life simple. This is a very interesting philosophy. I think I do hold on to this principle most the time. We know that there are many people we cannot trust. Sometimes it can be our own close friends or relatives. If, we are going to live a life full of mistrusts, wouldn’t our lives turn out to be miserable? If you’re lost somewhere in an unfamiliar place, do you opt to ask for directions or just continuing discovering the area yourself due to the mistrust towards human nature? I guess that will be a lot of sufferings.
Today, I learnt two lessons: nothing is free in this world ; never trust somebody but learn to trust.


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