Monday, January 28, 2008

when people have nothing better to do

When some coursemates have nothing better to do, they can chat to each other in the same computer lab, maybe next to each other, asking each other about how their lives have been, just like the conversation below:

shan says: hey...
kelly says: hey girl..
kelly says: how are you today?
kelly says: Lol
shan says: haha
shan says: great
shan says: just finished test
shan says: it sucks
kelly says: Ya
kelly says: darn it
kelly says: lol
kelly says: later i will find a place
kelly says: and hang myselg
kelly says: self
shan says: oh...u also had a test?
kelly says: dont stop me!!!!!
shan says: wad test?
kelly says: ya lor..
shan says: i won't....
kelly says: the test which was a bout statistic on the road..
kelly says: @_@
kelly says: how about ur test?
kelly says: what kinda of test?
shan says: test is about children watch tv one
shan says: the children so naughty, watch so much tv until 29 hours!!!!!
shan says: even i dont watch that much of tv lor
kelly says: hey!
kelly says: that's cool...
kelly says: better than mine
kelly says: learning about the number of woman in a society
kelly says: boring... ;(
shan says: yameh?
kelly says: ya lor
shan says: aiya....i think ur teacher got nothing better to test u liaw
kelly says: that's y lo..
kelly says:but i think ur teacher is cool...
kelly says: learning about children le..
kelly says: kekeke
shan says: hahaha
kelly says: by the way, what kind of course do u take?
shan says: but i always sleep in her cls.....
shan says: i think next time she can ask questions like counting sheeps....i'm good at that...coz i do it during her cls
kelly says: sure you will...
kelly says: then your course should be named as...
kelly says: sheep counting course?
kelly says: kekekekekeke
shan says: yea....
shan says: that is also very similar to fact , it's a lot more practical because we can use it most of the time...not like we r interested to know the population of women, right?
kelly says: that's right
kelly says: that course is useful for everyone
kelly says: even medic student need it..
kelly says: or therapist..
kelly says: treat their patients who get insomia
shan says: thats true...
shan says: can save money on sleeping pills
kelly says: yup
kelly says: and healthy too..
kelly says: next time u ma become pakar counting sheep lo?
kelly says: COol!
kelly says: how about counting cow?
shan says: ya....
shan says: mite wana get a phD for this course...title Dr Ng (specialist in sheep counting)
shan says: cow also can...but not as popular....
the conversation went on as the 2 coursemates (meaning 2 persons who take the same course..) plan to kidnap their other coursemate by weighing her to decide how much she costs.
This is a picture of my coursemates and I. We had a photo shooting "session" before the lecturer comes time to lose


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