Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm back

I can't believe I'm back to my blog again. I guess I have too much to share over these years. I sometimes regret that I missed the part of my form 6 life, the part after that when I got my STPM results and now since I'm in Uni, there's more exciting and fresh things going on.
The reason I resume this blog is because of the motive that gave me the drive to blog when I first started this new hobby, that is to keep a record of my experience and growth. I think I need to remind me of myself and what I've done over the years even until I get old. There are several sad inccidents that really gave a great impact to my life and I felt so sorry that had happened. I have not come to any resolutions for some of those problems but I'm afraid that I'm trying to find a way out by not facing them.

Well, I guess I need to be more prepared before I can do something positive to it.
There are times when I feel sorry for myself, for not being able to live my own motto, "to live the best out of myself". I just thought, I might have deteriotrate over these years cause when I looked at my earlier entries, I felt I liked the "old" me better than the "present" me. I thought I need to figure out what went wrong and get going by fixing things accordingly.

Get some time and get a new life....monologue


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