Wednesday, January 30, 2008

3rd College CC Reunion Dinner

When i first learn that we are going to have our own "family members" in our College Chinese Community, I was really excited because I have no idea which family I'll be in. Last night, the reunion dinner really made me feel like the family is "real" as our seniors who are our parents, grandparents and even great grandparents gave angpaus to their "children".

Our family gave us chopsticks. Other families received souvenirs like candies, chocolates and handphone bags. There were around 80 of us who went for steamboat last night. I guessed we've really "rocked" the restaurant with noise...

See what I mean...we ARE the crowd

Oh No!!! My Ah MA kissing other people's grandson!

Here...this is a better picture of her...she's fun to be with. When there is her, there's laughter.

This is my pretty sister..promoting "kams" together hehe

Look at my's clean...finished everything! haha

had so much ice-cream and finally tasted the chicken wing everyone was after.
Had some "champagne" after meal ad pencuci mulut,hiaz hiaz...

Looks like it was also someone's birthday

In the bus with my mum n ah ban

Yeah..a MPV won't do any good for a BIg family like THIS...


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