Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another week has passed...

Just as I am starting to enjoy every bit of my holiday, I just realised that it's around two more weeks before I'm going to fly back to KL. I clearly remember how I complained about boredom at the beginning of the break. Right now, I almost hang out with my friends every day. And I find myself having more things to do. Weird psychology I know, it's always like this. Only starting to appreciate it when it's about to slip away.

Went back to Kuching High today an chatted with our teachers. They're actually so cute and less fierce/strict/stern when we become their "ex-students" :D but the one thing is, once he/she's our teacher, he/she'll be our teacher forever. We'll be having our KHS reunion on the 20th of June (which is very soon) so hopefully most of the alumni, current students, parents etc. will turn up and support our beloved school on that very day. Most of our happy memories cannot be burnt into ashes along with the buildings I bet.

At night, I went for dinner at Taman Kereta with my cousins, sis, bro and aunt. Had some seafood. Still full until now. We headed to Kapo, one of the "yamcha/limteh" places after the meal since we had no better suggestions of where to go. Erm, not so good remarks for that place but it was the moments we had together that's worth remembering. Had not been going out with family members like that for quite a long time. Sweet old times.

We mentioned about cholesterol levels, diet etc after the meal (our family loves seafood so much that we mostly have our family gatherings at seafood restaurants). My aunt said I look thin so she asked me to finish the crab when everyone else was either full for too lazy to eat it. I think that's my role at home too cause mum will ask to finish whatever's left...grr...
So to cut it short, I have not been jogging for the past 2 days. I ate a lot (due to my responsibility to finish food). Could not sleep at night (I'm suspecting I'm suffering from insomnia). And I came home to realised that my waistline and hip line has increased!!! AH!!!!!


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