Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Updated, finally

If you have visited this blog some time ago, you may have noticed the chaos of scattering pictures in it. Well, the owner have come and arrange them into order (finally). That day was at Jalan Song with my 38 gang limteh-ing. I grabbed the opportunity to upload photoes (thanks to the wifi services) at the coffee shop since I failed after several attempts using the connection at home. Like what Mr. Kei said, dial-up connection is ancient already. What to do, no point applying for a broadband package since one of my sis will be going to UK soon and another already doing accounting at WM and me in KL too... So everytime I get to enjoy wifi, I'll be really really happy. Now, I don't even understand why I used to complain so much about the wireless services in campus, they're much better than dial-ups.
High speed net surfing led me to being too into my own business that I neglected my 38 gang. Therefore, Ah Gu San and Bella decided that no laptops are to be allowed during any limteh/yamcha sessions because those who do not bring along laptops will be left out. Ah well, that's why I'd only got the time to upload pictures and update later.
After limteh which was already midnight, we toured around the city. From south city to north city. Tauke Owen who wanted to take night scenes with his new Sony DSLR was a bit dissappointed becuase lightings were off at most places. Tauke Lip on the other hand couldn't stop telling stories about "human buns" (once a famous series filmed in Hong Kong about a murderer making buns/paus using human flesh) and some other ghost stories. Bella, Ah Gu San and me were trembling at the back of the car while Tauke Owen said he might want to take pictures of the supernatural phenomena. Spoookyyyy~


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