Saturday, June 06, 2009

Craving for some good Japanese food

Taken with my sis at Kampachi Japanese restaurant on the very first day of CNY 2009. A very first time and special way to celebrate CNY. All the nice food had empowered the feelings of me missing the celebration at home.

My happy sisters with their colourful Japanese food.

The Sushi Bento. Extremely nice. A must eat for sushi lovers! Mine was a Pavilion Bento, I wonder if the dish was name after Pavilion itself since the restaurant is located there. Anyhow, I don't know where that picture had been. It has a grilled mackerel in it. Very scrumptious too although I've love sushi more. Lately, I've been missing all the very delicious sushis and the choice of Japanese restaurants in KL. That's the one thing I'm missing KL now. Other nice restaurants which are less expensive compared to this one are Zanmai and Sakae. Zanmai is my favourite!! Nice and super-duper reasonable. I think that will be the first place I rush to once I'm back in KL. Have to blame Jogoya for not providing more sushis for me that day so my gratification towards sushi will be completely fulfilled and last for at least for these two months I'm away from KL. Not long after Jogoya having promotion, I heard from friends that Tian Ji and Shogun are also having promotion!!!! ARGH~~~~~~~~ WHY??????????

Why does this happen when I'm back for my sem break and ends before I go back? WHY?????????????? This could be one of the worst news of the year (for me)!

So you see, the whole purpose of me posting this entry is not to show how I celebrated CNY this year nor to show you which Japanese restaurants I've been to. It's to show how much a person (referring to myself here) can suffer when she misses the food so much....not like there's no Japanese reastaurants in Kuching, but after being pampered by the better standards (mainly variety), I just can't help but to crave for more. Well, until one day when I can't control my delayed gratification anymore, I'll take any sushis that come into my sight (like a hungy horse)!

Now I feel like eating my laptop because these beautiful sushi sets are just so tempting even on the screen.


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