Thursday, June 11, 2009

Watched...Angels and Demons

Went for a movie with May Hui (UM senior) on Wednesday. It was "Angels and Demons" which I have wanted to watch long time ago (because I liked the book so much). Somehow, I was a bit disappointed after the movie. The book was much better. The atmosphere in the cineplex was spoilt by a gang of "never-been-to-a cinema-before" brainless teenagers/youngsters. Just as Tom Hanks was elaborating about facts, that bunch of monkey came in and made noise for almost like half an hour. That was like a century for me. I tried so hard to focus on the movie but couldn't. I got so irritated I was thinking of standing up and shout at them so that they kept quiet. They must have mistaken a a cinema for a coffee shop. What? the cinema belongs to them? Still get me on fire when I come to think of it. They could not stop making noises even after other audiences "shhh..." at them. Epidermis of their faces must be as thick as a dictionary.

Thank goodness they stopped after some time. This time, it's the girl next to me, oh~ XXXX I just hope she could lower her voice and stop discussing the story with her friend. Crap, of course I know what the character was doing in the the movie. Perhaps her friend whose IQ or comprehension can be so poor that she needs to tell her that Robert Langdon was wearing a Mickey Mouse watch. Hello~even a 3 year old can tell me that. She went on and on. I stared a her sometimes but gave up. She's not some pretty girl or what and seriously I won't have minded so much if she lowered her volume. And the part I hate most is that she told her friend what might happen next. Oh, come on la...the book was one of the best sellers and she thinks she's the only person who has read about it?

I apologise if I was the one who kept my ear to their conversation but it was so loud man. Grr~ Frustrations!!!! Next time, I am not going to just stare at them. They (those who make too much noice) probably can't see me in the dark. I'm goin to take out my handphone to light my face, widen my eyes to the maximum, lean my face close to them and stare at them like a revengeful ghost! They'll probably learn their lessons by that...haha....

Letting go those irritating experiences, the movie was overall ok. I feel that too much is missing but I can't tell what. Most people might also compare it to "The Da Vinci Code" but I'm bad in making comparisons. Moreover, I forget almost 80% of that movie already? Except the smart car scene and another few. In short, reading the original text would be much more pleasurable because you get to pause and think of the clue and also to admire the symbols etc. A person who has not read the book must be quite confused for the fast pace storyline.

Anyway, some stories are better when filmed while others are better in novels as they were. Take Twilight for example. I've not read the book at all but I understand well about the story and I don't think I will spend time reading the book (since it's pretty much a romance). Therefore, no need to think much while wacthing the movie, agree? Ok, I admit, the characters in the movie matters too. If Edward and Bella in Twilight were played by somebody else, the effect couldn't have been so great. The love story was so beautiful because the main actor and actress were so charming. That could be the reason by I did not rate Angels and Demons well? Tom Hanks not handsome? Erm...yes (that's frank) and no because reading the book provides much more excitement.


At 9:03 PM, Blogger Joaquin aka Ah Lip said...

''Epidermis of their faces must be as thick as a dictionary.''

haha, i like tis one! sak!

At 8:15 PM, Blogger Shan said...

well, there are many ways to describe people when one gets too annoyed.


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