Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Neno Award!~ yeah~

Ok, my fault... I received this from a beauty blogger, Von Von long time ago but dragged on for so long before I get o post this on my blog. Ta Da~ here it is... Thanks a million to Von. She's a really friendly blogger. Ever since I came across her blog, I'm stuck to it. Even these days when I get online, I visit her blog instead of mine first hehe...I was addicted to her blog that I don't mind to maintain my blog less than reading her blog. Anyhow, thanks for this =)
You may like her blog if you're really into beauty stuffs. Her website is
The site is not under my link because I visit it so much that it's permanent in my history list :D
Well, according to the intstruction, I'm suppose to do many other things like choose ten friends which I would like to give the award to and drop a message at their chatbox. Ok, the list is (not in order)
1. Adrian Ng
2. Benjamin Moh
3. Huey Ye
4. Curry Egg
5. Yee Shien
6. Owen
7. Sean
8. Yang Lip
9. Sarah
10. Von Von
Well, it's really hard to choose. Everyone has their own uniqueness. I should apologize if u don't find my notification in your chatting box. This is an appreciation too all my friends who blog :)
There's no specific criteria cause I "award" this pretty much base on my "impression" (nice pics, nice posts, layout, genuinity, originality, interesting and surprising stuffs etc.). There are actually many other good bloggers which are not in this list. As more and more friends blog, I find it hard to keep up with all, I read those in my list more regularly. So, if you're in my link, you're very much appreciated too!


At 12:54 AM, Blogger curryegg said...

Hey girl. Just notice this. Thanks. That shows how my friend remember me. ahhww.. thanks you Bei Shan.. *hugs*

At 1:26 AM, Blogger Shan said...

Hi Kelly. Sorry that I did not leave msg in your shoutbox about this. You deserve it. I know you've always put in plenty of effort for your egg lounge :D
keep it up!


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