Saturday, June 06, 2009

Art work from Education Faculty

Don't be surprise that these art work below are not properties of fine arts students. Some of these masterpieces were captured during a mini exhibition organised by the TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) students. There were a variety of artwork, using different techiniques and ingredients. I hope you'll like them too.

This is a watercoloured art work. I like the colour. It's much vibrant in reality. Sometimes I do feel that the eye captures the most beautiful moment.

These are made of shoe strings and other fabrics.

Twin tower made up of stamps.

This one is special. It has fragrance because it's glued with spices!

Abstract drawing. The one I like most.

I thought this one is quite sweet. Some lovely petals.

This is a combination of traditional and modern arts.
Ok, that's all for the TESL students. Now, it's time to show some work from some counselling students. You may want to ask, what do counselling students have to do with Education Fac? Well, it's a long story. The counselling course we take have nothing to do with being future conselling teachers (unless students apply to get an Education diploma after graduation etc.) but due to UM's long history, this course is placed under this faculty.
So, this was taken during an Expressive Arts Therapy workshop by Dr. Diana Lea B. (one of my favorite lecturers) on 16th Apr. It wasn't compulsory for all (counselling) students so not all my coursemates attended it. However, we had with us some Masters or even Doctorate students not to forget education workers such as teachers, principals etc.
Because the course was a short one, we were only exposed to a few main thing. Well, things may get deeper so, I guess we shall have a look at the work.

Notice that I did not leave any comments for these artworks? That was one of the things that I learnt from the workshop---do not interpret the work as a therapist, only the person who created it knows its meaning. Contrarary to people's misperception about counsellors or therapists in general, we DO NOT interpret all the time. More often, the clients have to do this themeselves. So, if you ask me, what does the tree symbolise? Well, I'll tell you I need more information from the creator to tell you. Anyway, it takes years to "produce" and accomplished expressive art therapists and a brief workshop can only enhance my knowledge.
Frankly speaking, I'm not fanatic of fine arts but I do appreciate creative works. Human are borned to be creative, don't you agree? Despite hearing people saying, "I'll never be good in arts", there are many ways on how we look at it. Drawing is one way, we have singing, dancing, speaking, writing, photographing and even blogging. Anything can be an art. Thinking is also an art don't you think? If you happen to have believed in such a statement, think twice. You may live out the creative side of yourself.
After all these, let you have a guess, which above would you think is my work? The title of my art is "A Gift for Mother". If you have it right, you have the talent to be an expressive art therapist as well ; )


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