Sunday, March 23, 2008

Take Off Your Earphones

I notice that many people these days put on earphones or headphones when they are walking on the street, when they are reading in the library, when they are in lecture halls, when they are waiting for public transport, when they are in the buses or LRTs and even when they are in the crowd. Most of them look like they are in the world of their own because they don't response much to the environment they are in. Somehow, I'm just not one of them because I like to observe. I even look at strangers and the ways they behave.

I went to the library this morning to read newspapers. The environment was so quiet that I decided to listen to the radio using my handset. It was unsuccessful as I didn’t bring along the earphones. So, I took the newspapers and read quietly. It could be better that way so that I could concentrate on what I was reading. Not everyone can focus when the surrounding is pin-drop silent. Some people cannot study without music because they are conditioned with the neutral stimulus, that is the music and they associate music with studying according to the behavioural psychology. For these people, the best condition for them to study is to have music turned on.

As a matter of fact, I don’t see a problem in listening music when reading as I also do that occasionally. However, I do not totally agree to listening music using the earphones for a long period of time especially at the outdoors. This will cause someone to lose sensitivity to the surroundings. When you’re listening to loud music, you won’t know what’s happening around you. You might lose awareness and could be one of the potential victims of the pickpockets. It is too late for you to notice that someone is honking at you to warn you of danger when you eventually take off your earphones as you feel a car is coming your way.

Therefore, I would like to give a friendly advice: try not to be too dependent on i-pods and whatsoever types of media players when you’re outside. You may think there’s nothing much you need to pay attention to but it is always better to stay alert. This is because when you're enjoying the music, you're indulging yourself in the world of the rhythm and the tendency of you noticing events around you is being reduced. It is also not a good idea to tune on the music so loud when you’re driving that your car sounds like a moving disco on the road. Some accidents happen just because drivers don’t hear another vehicle which is about to collide with theirs.

Listening to music is a good hobby indeed, just remember not to have your ears plugged in with earphones all the time.


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